Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a great idea!!

Hi Friends!!

Don't you think Shanny is the smartest!!??
I just love this idea.

So I figured I would give this whole blog thing a try.

This weekend is a momentous occasion!!

Have you heard??

The beautiful, wonderful, hilarious......

Tara Lynn Lewis

is graduating from Chico State!

Im excited.

I get to spend some quality time with Kels, Amber and of course the graduate! It's going to be a great weekend!! I plan on getting some good pictures and I will share them with you all on here! xoxox



  1. I am so proud you you TARA. GO GIRL!!! This is something no one can take away from you and now you are free to explore whatever you would like.

    Pursue some path, however narrow or crooked in which you can walk with love and reverence (Thoreau)

    Much love and blessings.


    Please post all the photos and be safe! No BUI's