Monday, June 20, 2011


Hey Friends!!
I thought I would post a few pictures of the amazing house we had in Tahoe for Jena's Bachelorette Party!!

We had a balst and only lost Kels, briefly....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little about me.....

Hey Everyone, I am so glad to keep in touch with everyone this way. As many of you know, I had a baby boy 5 weeks ago, Aiden Michael. So I now have two kids, a girl and a boy. Alexa was 2 in March, she is a lot of fun, keeps me busy. Was a big change going from one kid to 2. I had my one year anniversary in March, but 3 years together. I am off all summer for maturnity leave, I go back to work August 22. I plan on spending a lot of time at the lake, and at the pool up at the golf course.  Still working at the Humboldt county sheriffs office as a dispatcher, although shift work is/can be hard on family life I love it, it's different everyday.Thats my life in a nutshell. Looking forward to hearing about everyone else :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Bites

Hi friends!!
I wanted to share with you an article written by the owner of my Crossfit gym. She writes about the idea of little bites. I think it's a good way to think about our goals, big or small.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Late to the Party...

Soo It took me over 3 days to figure out how to Blog..But I finally got it out thanks to Kate!! Shanny this is an AWESOME idea, It has been great to read up on everyone!! I am living up here in Seattle, which I have a love / hate relationship with.. its beautiful.. but so rainy. Bret and I moved in to a cute house in the Suburbs... a far cry from my good 'ol Santa Barbara days... but i actually love it, minus the 100 children I try not to run over everyday in my neighborhood.. if only suburbs just housed mid 20's couples! Im still working at the Canadian Dist. Company.. going on 4 years now, making sure the great people of Canada get their Starbucks . Now that summer is finally here.. we will be out on our boat every chance we get & going on as many Vacations that we can afford. Including the beautiful Jena's Bachelorette Party in Tahoe which I CAN NOT WAIT to party with all you Humboldt Honeys!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tara's Graduation

Congratulations Tara Lynn!!!

We had such a great weekend in Chico! The weather was beautiful as Chico usually is and the company was even better.
We all met Friday night for an amazing dinner at the 5th Street Steak House..I think thats the name... The steak was so good! We were even lucky enough to enjoy some Rosina Red. Lucky us!
Saturday was graduation day!!!

Here we are waiting for the graduate...

She was one of the last 10 people to walk across the stage.



After the graduation we had a BBQ at Tara's house. It was so fun to sit and hang with the family!

The Mommas were even drinkin Coronitas!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Banana Baked Goodness

The Neely's drive me crazy, but I must say they have a really good recipe for banana cupcakes. (For those of you who don't watch the Food Network, the Neely's are an annoying couple that have their own show). This is the best banana bread/muffin/cupcake I have ever had in my life. I am not a huge fan of baked goods, but these things are amazing.

I switch the recipe up a little bit. I use fat free sour cream, because you can't taste the difference and sometimes I use whole wheat flour. If you do use whole wheat use the brand Gold, it tastes better, do not use King Arthur (too dry). Sometimes I put chocolate chips in them sometimes nuts sometimes both. Also, I make plain cream cheese frosting (cream cheese, powdered sugar, butter, vanilla), but the molasses stuff they make could be good. FYI do not use fat free cream cheese it has a weird consistency and it tastes bad.

Try them.

Love you all,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a great idea!!

Hi Friends!!

Don't you think Shanny is the smartest!!??
I just love this idea.

So I figured I would give this whole blog thing a try.

This weekend is a momentous occasion!!

Have you heard??

The beautiful, wonderful, hilarious......

Tara Lynn Lewis

is graduating from Chico State!

Im excited.

I get to spend some quality time with Kels, Amber and of course the graduate! It's going to be a great weekend!! I plan on getting some good pictures and I will share them with you all on here! xoxox