Thursday, May 26, 2011

Late to the Party...

Soo It took me over 3 days to figure out how to Blog..But I finally got it out thanks to Kate!! Shanny this is an AWESOME idea, It has been great to read up on everyone!! I am living up here in Seattle, which I have a love / hate relationship with.. its beautiful.. but so rainy. Bret and I moved in to a cute house in the Suburbs... a far cry from my good 'ol Santa Barbara days... but i actually love it, minus the 100 children I try not to run over everyday in my neighborhood.. if only suburbs just housed mid 20's couples! Im still working at the Canadian Dist. Company.. going on 4 years now, making sure the great people of Canada get their Starbucks . Now that summer is finally here.. we will be out on our boat every chance we get & going on as many Vacations that we can afford. Including the beautiful Jena's Bachelorette Party in Tahoe which I CAN NOT WAIT to party with all you Humboldt Honeys!!


  1. Aweee Sammy I miss your beautiful face! Love you.

  2. YAAAAA!!!!!!!! So excited for Tahoe!!!! xoxox